D'Feeters Soccer Club - Player Guidelines

Player Guidelines

The D’Feeters Soccer Club is proud to have a reputation as one of the most competitive soccer clubs in the nation.  In order to maintain this reputation, the following guidelines must be enforced at practices, games and tournaments.


  • Players must arrive fifteen minutes prior to practice
  • Players must practice in approved D’Feeters practice uniform. 
  • Players must come with a properly inflated soccer ball
  • Players must wear shin-guards
  • Players must bring plenty of water/Gatorade
  • Player must notify the coach in advance if she will be late or needs to leave a practice early
  • Player must notify the coach in advance if player will miss practice
  • Players are allowed to practice with other teams in the club (if approved by both coaches)
  • Parents are not allowed to talk to the coach or the players during practice.  In the event of an emergency, parent must talk to manager to summon the coach to the sideline.
  • Conferences with the coach must be scheduled in advance for a time before or after practice or at some point during the coach’s free time.

Games and Local Tournaments

  • Players must arrive at the game field 1 hour before the game
  • Players must arrive properly and uniformly dressed
  • Players must warm up only with their teammates and coaches
  • Players can only be instructed by the coach during the game.  Parent’s role is encouragement – not coaching
  • Player must notify the coach in advance if she will be late or needs to leave a game early
  • Parents are not allowed to make comments to game officials.  Referees and Linesmen should always be dealt with in a professional and courteous manner.
  • Any involvement of the parent with their player during a game is to be approved in advance and designated by the coach (medication, injury, etc)
  • Parents are not allowed to approach the coach after a game to discuss player time, position, etc.  Conferences should be scheduled for another time.
  • Every coach, player and parent must behave according to North Texas, league and tournament rules.

Out of Town Tournaments

  • Itinerary will be given to all players by the coach or manager before departure to any out of town tournament.
  • We strongly encourage players to travel together as a team
  • If five or more players are traveling to a tournament together, they must dress uniformly (khaki pants or shorts with either a green D’Feeters polo shirt or D’Feeters warm-up – all must dress the same).
  • Players are required to meet at a designated area and time as specified by the coach or manager to do any team related activities such as meals, walks, meetings, etc as long as the team is still playing in the tournament.
  • Teams will travel from the hotel to the fields and back as a team.
  • Players must be dressed uniformly when departing to games
  • Use of hotel swimming pool, Jacuzzi, or exercise equipment must only be done with the permission of the coach.
  • Players must never leave the hotel without the permission of the coach, even if leaving with parents.  The coach must know the whereabouts of all players at all times.
  • Players must follow the itinerary and must follow curfew precisely.
  • Teams U11 & U12 – players room together with an assigned room mom
  • Teams U13 and up – players room together without a room mom
  • Every person associated with the D’Feeters Soccer club must follow the rules of the hotel in which they are staying.
  • Players are not allowed to run around in the hotel, play soccer in the hallways, or walk barefoot
  • If the tournament has male and female teams, casual association during free time will be allowed only in public areas.  No player will enter the rooms of players of the opposite sex. 
  • If a conference between the coach and an individual player is necessary, it must be done in the lobby of the hotel.  If a more private area is required, then it must be done in the presence of a manager or another adult.

These guidelines have been set to make our environment more professional, enjoyable, and safe for everyone.

D’Feeters Soccer Club