D'Feeters Team Manager Page

Team Managers

Thank you for volunteering to be the Team Manager of your daughter's D'Feeters Soccer Team!

The job of being a Team Manager is a VERY important one. It requires organizational and communication skills, dealing with paperwork in a timely manner and a lot of patience. While the coach plays a major role in most decisions releated to team events and activities, their ultimate responsibility is to provide direction of on-field activities related to player development and game strategies. The Team Manager is responsible for removing "off the field" administrative tasks from the coach as much as possible. D'Feeters SC believes the role of the Team Manager is critical to the overall goal of providing a positive experience for parents, coaches, and especially the players on your team. At times, this job and its responsibilities can seem overwhelming, especially if this is your first experience as a Team Manager. It's important to always remember, the D'Feeters staff is always here to assist you in every way possible! Thank you again for your time and effort in making this year a success!

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