Welcome to the D'Feeters Parent's Page

The entire D'Feeters Soccer Club wants to thank YOU, the parents for.....

  • The long hours you spend sitting on the sidelines watching your daughter's games and practices, setting aside your own work or personal interests, regardless of the weather.
  • The many miles your travel, to games, practices or tournaments to support your daughter
  • The support you show the whole team, not just your daughter
  • The way you support your daughter's coach, even if you don't agree with them all the time
  • The way you understand that there is more to life than sports
  • The sacrifices you make, whether it's money or time, so your daughter can play
  • The unending positive support and who sees the values of life-lessons learned playing sports

Your contribution to the culture of youth sports is invaluable - there would be no youth sports without your help and support - and is appreciated by coaches, other parents, the team and most of all, your daughter!